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How winter stunted my growth

Meadowdale Musings

As far back as I can remember, I dreaded winter because my least favorite sensation is wet and cold. Winter meant a cold bus ride to the institution five days each week and a cold ride to the barbershop once a month at night. More...

2015 General Assembly session kicks off in Richmond

Legislative Update

RICHMOND — The 2015 General Assembly session began last Wednesday, and delegates are working hard to complete the commonwealth’s business in a shortened 45-day session. More...

Keep up the push

A 42-member group has been steadily examining issues related to mental health care, and there is progress. Last year, Sen. More...

New email program brings unwelcome learning curve

A Party of One

Imagine if you awoke one morning to discover that everything in your house had been moved around while you slept. You found the stove in the bedroom, the sofa in the kitchen. The toilet sat in the middle of the living room. More...

Health, budget issues up for debate in short session

Legislative Update

RICHMOND — The 2015 session of the General Assembly is underway. This is a short session, scheduled to adjourn on Feb. 28, so the work will be fast and furious. More...

A tale of two flights, and lost luggage

Trek & Travel

I have occasionally written articles about airline flights. Most of my trips just got me from point A to point B. However, two of my flights proved to be quite memorable. Interestingly, these were my very first and my most recent commercial flights. More...

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