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Paper ballots get my vote

From Sunny Creek

For most of the elections of my voting years, I have been somewhat skeptical about my vote making a difference when my choices are added to many others with the push of a lever or an electronic click. More...

A scary sight while doing some shopping

Say What?

I had to make a stop in a local retail establishment recently, and as would be expected around Halloween I saw some pretty scary sights in there. There were zombies, ghosts, and all the other things associated with Oct. 31. More...

Where do we tap the line?

You have to hand it to McDowell. The 70-plus users of the village’s water system — families, individuals, and businesses — have suffered a serious issue in recent months: No water. Cloudy water. Muddy water. Contaminated water. More...

Roast for dinner

Butcher’s Block

The weather is starting to cool down, and to me, that means it’s coming into roast season. I love a good roast on a cool fall night for dinner. More...

Confronting the hiss of death

A Party of One

In our recent Fall Guide there was a “nice” feature article about snakes. That was followed by a letter from a lady who treats snakes kindly when they appear in her home. I might have a bit of trouble with that. More...

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