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Cackling about proposed chicken ordinance in Bath

Say What?

I like chicken, preferably fried. I like eggs, preferably fried. I don’t know which one came first. For this exercise, it doesn’t matter. More...

Grade: C-

For the third week in a row, frustrations fester about the budget process at Highland County Public Schools. More...

Wonders of the Woods ... A closer look at our natural world

Hoverfly on a buttercup

Sometimes, things in nature are so beautiful, peaceful and whimsical, the subject is literally “life imitating art.” This is an image I captured one spring morning as I was closely photog More...

Stealth shopping — Covert, undercover

A Party of One

Attention, husbands: Chances are, there is an underground network operating right under your noses. Oh, who are we kidding, ladies? Most any man who sees this headline about shopping will snort and turn the page, unread. Men: What do they know? More...

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