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Attn: Citizens of
Bath and Highland Counties:
How Would Congress’s New
Health Care Plan Affect You?
Those who need it most
will get the least.
Those who need it least
will get the most.
Call Bob Goodlatte at
Tell him to vote “NO”
on the American Healthcare Act
Paid for by fellow citizens from Goodlatte’s district
• 14 million people will lose their insurance
next year.
24 million over the next 10 years
• 50-64 year olds will pay up to 700% more for
AARP declares this an “unaffordable age tax”
• 30% Penalty for one year if you miss two
payments: This is the new mandate.
• Employers will no longer be required to
provide health insurance plans for their
• Medicare funding will be cut.
Through elimination of Medicare surtax on high
income earners
• Federal Medicaid funding to states will be
reduced, forcing states to cut benefits or raise
• Tax cuts will go to drug, medical equipment,
and insurance companies, and to the wealthiest
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