About Us

Printed in a tabloid format, The Recorder is the newspaper of record serving scenic Bath, Highland, and the Allegheny Highlands of Virginia. As far as historians can tell, The Recorder is the oldest, continuously published newspaper of any size in the Commonwealth, and perhaps in the U.S., under the same name.

Offices are in Monterey (Highland County) and Mitchelltown (Bath County).

Publication: Thursdays, 50 weeks a year, plus 3-6 special or seasonal sections annually.

Circulation: 4,500 regular weekly issues mailed to every state in the nation.

Established: Oct. 18, 1877 (first date of publication).

Printed by: Narrow Passage Press, Woodstock, Virginia

Owned by: Snowy Mountain Publishing Inc., Monterey, Va.; owner Anne Adams is The Recorder’s 10th publisher since 1877.

Free archives available through the State Library of Virginia at www.virginiachronicle.com, nearly all issues from 1877 through 2007. Archives from 2008 and on are available at this website and require an online subscription; or, individual issues may be purchased for $5.

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