Local Community Bloggers

The Singing Farm Wife

By Ginny Neil of McDowell — Teacher, farmer, and musician who writes on farm living in Highland County. She has also written articles for Blue Ridge Country and Shenandoah Magazine.

This Sweet Life

By Nancy Vance, of McDowell — Sunday School teacher and elementary school librarian who enjoys children’s literature, photography, dogs, Celtic music & dance, and various and sundry other things.

Beauty Along the Road

By Annette Naber of Monterey — A blog dedicated to the discovery of beauty in all its ordinary and extraordinary manifestations.

Life’s A Dance

By Dorothy Stephenson of Monterey —  Owner of Sundance Studio who writes about inspirational thoughts and shares advice, epiphanies, or life lessons.

Thought Wrestler

By Danny Cardwell of Hot Springs — A local deacon and station manager at WCHG Allegheny Mountain Radio writes about race, class, religion, and politics.

Fearless Consumer

By Barbara Nordin of Warm Springs — Readers can contact her about problems they’re having with regional or national businesses, and she will talk to the business owner, research relevant laws and regulations, summarize the situation, and seek to find a resolution.


By Dorothy Stephenson of Monterey — HighlandCountyVA Blog is a privately-owned blog devoted to Highland – its community, history, attractions, beauty, and blessings.