2012-07-05 / Top News

8:30 am Sat. - Latest news from BARC crews

BARC Update for 7/7/2012: 19 separate crews will be spread across the service territory responding to dispatch orders generated by outages reported to our 800 number. If your power is out, please report it to 800-846-2272 so that we may schedule it for dispatch.

Below is a selection of the areas where crews are scheduled to restore service. Crews will also be responding on a case-by-case basis ...to individual outage tickets issued by dispatch.

Big River/Lillybrook
Mt. Grove area
Big Valley/Bolar/Beach Brook
Poor Farm/Star Chapel
Back Road
42 heading north/Bradberry Bottom/Nicelytown
42 heading south
Poplar Hill
Goose Creek
Ratcliffe/Micheltown/Clark's Camps/Williamsville Village/Downriver/Hobbs
Vine Cottage Inn
Skeet Field
Hidden Valley/Cavendish
Dunn's Gap/Meadow Lane
Hitching Post South/Backcreek
Highland/McDowell/Bullpasture Mt.
Bulldog Hollow/Johnson's Creek/Beantown
Customers who are still without power should call CRC at (800) 846-2272 and report your outage via the automated system, or via a live operator. It is important that you report your outage to CRC so that our dispatchers can issue dispatch tickets for your locations. If you receive a busy signal, please keep calling. You do not need to speak to a live operator - the automated IVR outage reports will also be received at our dispatch desk.

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