2012-07-05 / Top News

8 am Friday- Update from BARC

Below is the updated news release issued by BARC CEO and General Manager, Mike Keyser:

Attention BARC customers: effective immediately, we are asking all customers who are still without power to call CRC at (800) 846-2272 and report your outage via the automated system, or via a live operator. It is important that you report your outage to CRC so that our dispatchers can issue dispatch tickets for your locations. You may continue to post to Facebook, but please also call our 800 n...umber. If you receive a busy signal, please keep calling. You do not need to speak to a live operator - the automated IVR outage reports will also be received at our dispatch desk.

This message will be issued to all local print, radio and TV media. If you know a BARC customer without power, please pass this message along to them, as well.
We are on the home stretch and need your reporting to make our disaster response as effective as possible. Thank you!

Today (7/6) we will have over 100 field personnel working across the service territory to reconnect power to the approximately 800 remaining homes & businesses. We sincerely appreciate everyone's patience and support as we have worked to restore power. We realize that patience is running thin, but we can assure you that we're all working as hard as possible to get the lights back on. We've been working 6am to 10pm, including Wednesday, the holiday, and we will continue those hours through the weekend until every last customer has power.

We will have crews in the following areas today (7/6):

Indian Draft
Mill Creek/Deerfield Road/Pig Run
Johnson's Creek
Effinger area, including Hayslette Road
220 North/Dry Run
42 North and South
Wilson's Creek
Bustleburg/White Rock/Hackens Road/Moore's Creek
Little California
Lake Moomaw area
McDowell area
Poplar Hill/Ben Salem/Moore's School Road/Route 11 South area
If your power is still out, we urge you to call CRC at (800) 846-2272 and report your outage either through the automated system or through a live rep.  We are asking all members whose power is out to report their outage through CRC today.  Outage tickets will then be generated, which we will be using to issue dispatch orders.  Please call CRC and pass the word to others who may not receive this message."

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