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Steak lunch plans foiled

Memory Lane

MILL GAP — At the sawmill owned by G.W. Townsend in the early days, a stranger drove in and he bought a trailer load of the best grade on the yard. He wrote a check in the amount of more than $2,000. That was a lot of money back in those days. More...

Fin, feather, and fur: Oh, the audacity!

Meadowdale Musings

Audacity: Shameless or brazen boldness, insolence, imprudence. Never let it be said that we are not animal lovers. We adore animals with the stipulation that there are limits! More...

Small piece of coal: A short history

Wonders of the Woods A closer look at our natural world

Carbon. It’s the basis of all life. And coal is comprised of nearly pure carbon. Therefore, it is an interesting concept that coal is made of once-living things. More...

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